GIZAH mural (DUCO collab)

Mural Project Brief:

The Participatory Development Programme in Urban Areas (PDP) is an Egyptian-German development measure implemented in cooperation between the Egyptian Ministry of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities (MoHUUC) and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH. It focuses on the upgrading of informal areas in Greater Cairo Region (GCR) by introducing and supporting the implementation of participatory methodologies for urban upgrading with public administration and civil society organizations to improve service provision, and thus, living conditions in an integrated manner to alleviate urban poverty. Component 2 focuses on ways and means to increase the resilience of informal areas to climate change. In that context small-scale measures are being implemented in informal settlements aiming at tackling the negative effects of climate change, in particular increasing heat stress, in informal areas.

As part of its Climate Change Adaptation Strategy the PDP implements „architectural measures‟ which aim specifically at reducing heat in buildings and public spaces through a set of physical interventions.

For its pilot project in the informal settlement of Masaken Gezert El Dahab (Giza) a number of possible interventions have been set out and agreed with local authorities (Giza Governorate & South Giza District) which consist of:

A) A shading element in the market area of rabei el Gizi Street that provides shading and protection from the sun for the local vendors in the community.

B) An Urban element in hassan Abdelwahed Street, which consists of seating benches and green elements, green wall and trees, to incorporate the concept of environmental cool public spaces in neighborhoods.

The construction has started in July 2016 and is expected to finish by March 2017. The PDP has commissioned Cluster (architect & consultant; focal point: Omar Nagati) to design all measures agreed upon and supervise the construction of them; the construction is carried out by contractors and funded by PDP.

Moreover, artistic murals and/or graffiti were defined as part of the adaptation measure of Façade plastering and painting with the objective of drawing the attention of the local community as well as the local authorities to the adverse impacts of climate change (specifically: Heat Stress). With agreement with the house-owner and the local authorities an artistic mural is to be designed and implemented by March 2017 on a vacant building façade (15 meters wide x 10 meters high) in Rabea El Gizi Street, which happens to be close to the shading element project. Its purpose is to consider relevant adaptation measures, emphasizing in essence on: heat / protection from sun / houses / public space, and to ensure the active participation of the local community all through the process of the implementation for the purpose of establishing a “local implementation partnership” with local residents.


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